Heathergems Open Heart Pendant

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Open Heart Silver Plated Pendant.

This beautiful, romantic handmade silver plated pendant is a stunning piece. It is an ideal gift whether you are getting a present for yourself or a loved one.

The gem at the centre of this handmade pendant is made from hand harvested heather.

Harvesting the heather in this way encourages new growth, which helps support the unique Scottish wildlife.

The heather stems are compressed, dyed and cut to the required shape. The method of dying the heather means no two Heathergems are the same.

This handade silver plated pendant is a very individual, personal gift. Supplied in a gift box with story card.

Handcrafted in Scotland.

Dimensions: 26 x 22 mm, Heathergem 9 x 8 mm

Chain: 18" silver plated snake chain

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