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Clan Hamilton People

Sir Robert Hamilton of Preston (1650-1701)
In 1679 Sir Robert led the Covenanters who read the Declaration of Rutherglen before battling at Drumclog. Among Hamilton’s interpretations of holiness were that ‘it is not the endurance but the infliction of pain that makes a true soldier of Christ’.

During the consequence of Drumclog, fought at Bothwell Bridge, Sir Robert fled the fighting for Holland when the pains inflicted by government troops began to indicate defeat for the Covenanters.

Captain Alexander Hamilton (d.1732)
In 1727, little-known Captain Hamilton produced a book written from his thirty-five years of experience at sea, called “A New Account of the East Indies”. His book brought to readers at home an incredible insight into life in the ports of the area and the types of people who do their business there, particularly those working for the London East India Company.

Not just of interest to historians, his book is reprinted regularly.

Sir William Hamilton (1730-1803)
From 1764 until 1800 Sir William was stationed in Naples as the British ambassador. This was fortunate since archaeology was his passion. He was involved with the excavations of Pompeii and Herculaneum.

He climbed still-active Vesuvius over twenty times. When he was sixty-one he married Emma Lyon, a beautiful thirty-six year old. Emma was known in establishment circles for her scandalous involvement with Lord Nelson.

David Hamilton (1768-1843)
Hamilton’s architectural career spanned thirty successful years. The Glasgow man entered the Incorporation of Masons in 1800, and his first works, such as the Royal Exchange, completed in 1830, were part of the Greek Revival.

He moved through many styles but was eventually drawn back to the Classical style. His Scottish Jacobean style entry for the Houses of Parliament design competition won him one of the four prizes in 1836.