Gordon Crest & Coats of Arms

Gordon Clan Crest

Crest Description: Issuant from a crest coronet Or a stag’s head (affrontée) Proper attired with ten tines Or

Gordon Coats of Arms:

A note on Coats of Arms:
Under Scottish heraldic law a coat of arms is awarded to an individual (with the exception of civic or corporate arms) . There is no such thing as a ‘family coat of arms’ The arms represented below are personal arms (with the above exceptions). Only the individual granted these arms has the right to use them. for more information see our pages on heraldry here:


GORDON of that Ilk
Azure, three boars’ heads, couped, Or, langued, Gules.

Gordon Arms

Shorecrest’s official crest is the coat of arms of the Clan Gordon (used with permission as stated above). The coat of arms contains two mottos of the Clan Gordon which are also appropriate to the school. At the top it reads “Bydand” which translates to “resilience” (or “remaining”). On the bottom it reads “Animo Non Astutia” which means “by courage, not cunning.” You can see the coat of arms hanging in the entrance of the school

The Coat of Arms of the Gordons of Kenmure

Personal Arms of the Marquis of Huntly
(Pictured right)
Quarterly (means shield divided into four sections)
1st Azure (Upper left quadrant colored blue background), three boars’
heads couped Or (severed in a straight line and colored gold), Proper
langued Gules (in natural color, tonque out colored red) (Gordon)
2nd, Or (right upper quadrant colored gold) three lions heads erased
Gules langued Azure (3 lions heads torn jagged edge colored red with
blue tongues )(for Lordship of Badenoch)
3rd, Or, (Lower left quadrant colored gold) 3 crescents within a Royal
Tressure, flory counter flory, Gules (3 red cresents within a double
border ornamented with fleur-de-lis on both sides, the flowers being
reversed alternately) (for Seton)

The Standard of the Gordon Clan