Glen Clan History
The name comes from the lands of Glen in Traquair, Peebles-shire, but the castle on these lands was not actually built for the Glen family, but rather for the Tennant family who now hold the title of Lord Glenconner.

Colban del Glen received a royal legacy in 1328 and in the same year Robert I confirmed to Colban and his spouse the land of Quilte in the sheriffdom of Peebles.

Roger de Glen received an annuity in 1329 and in 1332 rendered to the exchequer the accounts of the provost of Peebles at Scone.

Duncan de Glene was a witness in 1368, John de Glene witnessed a charter of Longneuton in 1377, and another John de Glen witnessed confirmation of the lands of Micarny in Fife in 1386.

Margaret de Glen granted the lands of Harlaw to Walter Ogilvy of Luntrathin in 1420, Thomas of Glen had safe conduct into England in 1422, and William Glen, an armiger, was a witness in Paisley in 1452.