Clan Chisholm Tartans

The Chisholm tartan comes from the Vestairium Scoticum it also appears in ‘The Tartans of the Clans of Scotland’ 1886 by James Grant

The term 'ancient' refers to the dye shades, normally lighter, and 'modern' are darker colours.

Threadcount R/12 W4 R48 B12 G4 B2 G4 B2 G4 R/2


Chisholm tartan


The Chisholm hunting tartan came about because people of the day thought that the red tartan was too bright so changed the red to Brown.

Threadcount Brown/12 W4 Brown48 B12 G4 B2 G4 B2 G24 Brown/2

Chisholm Htg

Chisholm Hunting