Craig Crest & Coats of Arms

Clan Craig Crest

Worn by all of the name and ancestry

Crest Description:
A chevalier on horseback in full charge grasping a broken lance in bend, Proper

Clan Craig Coats of Arms

A note on Coats of Arms:
Under Scottish heraldic law a coat of arms is awarded to an individual (with the exception of civic or corporate arms) . There is no such thing as a ‘family coat of arms’ The arms represented below are personal arms (with the above exceptions). Only the individual granted these arms has the right to use them. for more information see our pages on heraldry here:

Craig of Riccarton

CRAIG of Riccarton
Ermine, on a fesse, Sable, three crescents, Argent


Castle Craig Coat of Arms

Castle Craig Coat of Arms


Dr David Craig

Dr David Craig
Arms: Per Fess Ermine and Argent on a fess Sable between in chief two millrinds and in base a garb Gules three crescents of the Second.
Crest: A tower Sable window and port Gules within a chaplet of hazel leaves Vert.
Grant: The Court of the Lord Lyon, 10th August 1982. Register, volume 66, folio 24.
The arms were granted for and in memory of the armiger’s deceased grandfather, David Craig, farmer at Tregallon, Troqueer, Kircudbright. His father, William Craig, was miller at Duncow Mill and farmer at West Duncow, Kirkmahoe, Dumfries.
The basic arms of Craig are ‘a metal field with a fess Sable with three crescents of a metal thereon’. The millrinds and garb reflect the armiger’s great-grandfather’s milling and farming interests. The choice of tincture for the charges was the armiger’s.
The crest was suggested by Lord Lyon. ‘Duncow’ derives from ‘Dun-choll’ (a fort of hazels).
The motto, VIVITUR INGENIO (he lives by skill), was chosen to reflect both the armiger’s and his antecedents’ occupations.