Clelland  Crest & Coats of Arms

Clan Clelland Crest

Worn by all of the name and ancestry

Crest Description:
A falcon upon a glove sinister, Proper

Clan Clelland Coat of Arms

A note on Coats of Arms:
Under Scottish heraldic law a coat of arms is awarded to an individual (with the exception of civic or corporate arms) . There is no such thing as a ‘family coat of arms’ The arms represented below are personal arms (with the above exceptions). Only the individual granted these arms has the right to use them. for more information see our pages on heraldry here:

CLELAND of that Ilk

CLELAND of that Ilk
Azure, a hare salient, Argent, with a hunting horn, Vert, garnished, Gules, hanging about the neck


KNELAND of yat Ilk

KNELAND of yat Ilk (circa 1542) from Sir David Lindsay’s Armorial


Cleland of that ilk

Cleland of that Ilk 1717
taken from the engraved copper plates that were published in the Ragman Rolls


William Cleland of Faskine

William Cleland of Faskine 1672 -1679