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Robert Colquhoun (1914-62)


After studying at Glasgow School of Art, Kilmarnock born Colquhoun won himself travelling scholarships with his articulate portrait drawings. He was able to study in Italy in 1937 and 1939. Thanks to the persuasion of Jankel Adler, Colquhoun moved from Neo Romantic landscapes towards figure work, which was to become the basis of his greatest period, stretching from 1944 to 1947.

The work he produced at this time, like Picasso’s melancholy images, showed individuals in moods of despondency and wretchedness. After this time the quality of his output and receptiveness of the public seesawed, on top of which his drinking became an interference.

He was back on form however for his commission to create the sets and costumes for the Scottish Ballet’s production of Massine’s ‘Donald of the Burthens’ in 1951 and again in 1953 his work for George Devine on ‘King Lear’ at Stratford drew acclaim.

At the Glasgow School of Art, Colquhoun met Robert MacBryde, with whom he established a life-long professional and romantic relationship, with the pair being known as "the two Roberts".

Robert Colquhoun died in 1962, succumbing to his alcoholism at the age of 47.

Clan Colquhoun Places

The following places have current or historic connections to the Colquhoun clan.


Dunglas Castle ruins with the modern building



Dunglas Castle



Old Castle of Rossdhu


Rossdhu Chapel

Old Chapel of Rossdhu


Rossdhu House

Rossdhu House, current clan seat, circa 1900



The Gallowshill of the Barony of Luss and the Gamekeeper's House


Luss Church

The Church of Luss built by Sir James Colquhoun in 1771



Bannachra Castle, Luss