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George Buchanan (1506 – 1582)

George Buchanan

This poet and protestant reformer was born in Killearn, Stirlingshire in 1506. Part of his education was spent in Paris from 1520 onwards, when he travelled extensively on the continent, fording the beginning of a literary career amid the intellectual ferment of the Reformation. In April 1562, only two years after his return to Scotland as a convert to Calvinism, he was appointed as tutor of classics to the young Mary, Queen of Scots.

His literary talents, however, were concentrated on his obscene attacks on the Queen, reputedly written in the most prosaic and elegant Latin, despite the Royal favour that he had received. These tracts circulated for centuries and came to taint the historical perspectives that we have of this period.

Following the abdication of Mary, he was appointed preceptor and tutor to the young James VI and is thus given credit for the monarch’s academic talent, although equally he turned the child James VI against his own mother, and helped shape a perverted character.

Ken Buchanan (born 28 June 1945)

Ken Buchanan is a retired lightweight professional boxer. Born in Edinburgh in 1945, Buchanan turned pro in 1965, and in 1971 became the undisputed world lightweight champion. Ken Buchanan was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 2000. He is widely regarded as one of Britain's greatest ever boxers.

Clan Buchanan Places

The following places are associated with Clan Buchanan, either historically or currently.

Buchanan Auld House, Stirlingshire

Buchanan Auld House

Buchanan Auld House was the seat of the Chiefs of Clan Buchanan, who owned the house and its surrounding lands. The Buchanans held the lands from c. 1230 to 1682, when they were bought by Clan Graham after the death of John Buchanan. All that remains of Buchanan Auld House are ruins.


Buchanan Monument, Killearn

Buchanan Monument

Buchanan Monument was erected in 1788 in memory of the poet and historian George Buchanan (1506-1582).


Craigend Castle, Milngavie


Craigend estate belonged to the Smith family, who bought it in the 1600s. The house built by John Smith in the 18th century was turned into a bigger, more elaborately designed mansion after his death in 1812 by his son James. Craigend moved into Buchanan hands when it was bought by Sir Andrew Buchanan in 1851, and remained in the Buchanan family until the early 20th century. Craigend Castle now sits ruined.


Dunglass Castle, West Dunbartonshire

Dunglass castle

Dunglass Castle was first built in 1380 by the Colquhoun clan. By the 1730s the castle was ruinous, and a lot of the stone was taken to repair a nearby quay, as well as build other buildings. This practice came to an end when Andrew Buchanan of Auchentorlie bought the castle in 1812.