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Alexander Bethune (1804-1843)
Scottish poet, published Tales and Sketches of Scottish Peasantry in 1838. originally employed as a labourer he became a turnkey at Glasgow Prison where he brought out Scottish Peasant’s Fireside in 1842.

Henry Norman Bethune (1890 – 1939)

Norman Bethune

Canadian physician, medical innovator, and noted anti-fascist. Bethune came from a prominent Scots Canadian family. He first saw service as a frontline surgeon during the Spanish Civil War then later with the Communist Eighth Route Army (Ba Lu Jun) during the Second Sino-Japanese War. He was noted for bringing modern medicine to rural China, much to the admiration of Mao Zedong

He was an outspoken communist and anti war campaigner there are many statues dedicated to him around China.

Clan Bethune Places

Corrie Fee

Corrie Fee, in Glen Clova, Angus, in eastern Scotland, is associated with Clan Bethune.