Clan Baillie Tartans

Baillie Modern (also called Baillie of Polkemett, Green)

Baillie Modern

The one most commonly worn was designed by Mr A W Geddes of Messrs William Anderson, Edinburgh, in 1937. It is based on the MacKenzie tartan, substituting three fine white lines on the green in place of the single stripe. It was designed for the Baillies of Polkemett who owned the Barony of Polkemett. Geddes also produced a red sett for the Baillies around the same period.


Baillie of Polkemett, Red

Baillie Red


Baillie (Wilsons of Bannockburn)


Sett from the William Wilson and Sons, Bannockburn 1819 Key Pattern Book. This is the same as MacLeod of Skye with the addition of a black guard to the red. The pattern books of the weavers, Wilson’s of Bannockburn, provide a definitive source for the Baillie tartan. Wilson supplied the MacLeods, the MacKenzies and the Campbells with variations of the basic ‘Black Watch’ regimental sett. A Baillie tartan is mentioned by Telford Dunbar in his 1962 ‘History of Highland Dress’ when he states that it appeared in William Wilson’s stock list of 1800.