Clan Brodie Tartans

The Brodie tartan is said to have been in a mid 18th century portrait, however it also appears the Sobieski Stewarts Vestiarium Scoticum in 1842 and does look like one of the Brothers designs.

The term ‘modern’ refers to the dyes shades, usually darker

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Brodie mod

Brodie Modern

The Brodie Hunting tartan appears in J Claude ‘Clans Originaux’ (1880). There was also a ‘Note by a Tartan Manufacturer’ in a very early edition of Johnston’s ‘Scottish Clans and their Tartans’ which says: ‘The handsome tartan shown as Brodie is really the Hunting Brodie, the Brodie proper has a red ground’. D.W. Stewart noted this ‘of late’ tartan in 1893 and said it was based on the ‘older’ dress sett and commented.
Brodie Hunting
Brodie Hunting