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Deacon Brodie (28 September 1741 - 1 October 1788)

Deacon Brodie

William Brodie led a double life, an Edinburgh town counsellor by day, a thief by night. After one of his accomplices gave King’s Evidence Brodie was arrested and executed.

It is generally believed that Deacon Brodie was the inspiration behind the character of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

Clan Brodie Places

Brodie Castle

Brodie Castle

Brodie Castle was originally built by Clan Brodie in 1567, however, less than 100 years later it was attacked by Clan Gordon, led by Lewis Gordon, 3rd Marquis of Huntly, and destroyed in 1645. The castle was restored between 1824 and 1845, turning it into the castle it is today.

It is widely believed that King Malcolm IV gifted the lands to the Brodies in 1160, and when the castle was sold to the National Trust for Scotland in 1999, it ended over 800 years of Brodie ownership of the lands that the castle was built on.