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Clan Borthwick People

Sir Algernon Borthwick, 1st Baron Glenesk (1830- 1908)


Conservative British journalist, and later the owner of the Morning Post (which merged with The Daily Telegraph in 1937).

The son of Peter Borthwick, editor of the Post, Algernon was sent to King’s College School and later started his career in 1852 as the newspaper’s Paris correspondent. He took over as editor when his father died, and in 1876 became proprietor. He married Alice Beatrice Lister (d. 1898) on 5 April 1870; they had two children, Lilias Margaret Frances Borthwick (1871-1965) and Oliver Borthwick (1873-1905).

Known as a conservative voice in the politics of the time, he was elected MP for South Kensington in 1885 and became an ally of Lord Randolph Churchill.

Knighted in 1880, he was created Baron Glenesk in 1895. The title became extinct upon Glenesk’s death; he was buried in the East Finchley Cemetery.

Clan Borthwick Places

Borthwick Castle

Borthwick Castle was built by Sir William Borthwick, 1st Lord Borthwick, in 1430 after being given permission by King James I. It is considered one of the best preserved and biggest medieval castles in Scotland that is still standing. It is near the town of Borthwick, around 12 miles south-east of Edinburgh.

The castle is the ancestral seat of Clan Borthwick.