When William of Orange took the English throne in 1689 it ended the Stewart Royal dynasty that had endured for centuries. Though many were glad to see the end of this chapter in our history many more, particularly in the Highlands were keen to see it re-established. From the Battle of Killiekrankie in 1689 through the first rebellion in 1715 to the more famous ’45 the Jacobite cause was fought for time and time again. Many stories and myths from this time abound, here are just a few.

Prince's Flower

On the island of Eriskay in Scotland’s Western Isles. There grows a small pink flower. Unique to the island this frail little Convolvulus flower has a link with Bonnie Prince Charlie. Before he reached Glenfinnan to raise the Jacobite standard...

The Soldiers Leap

The end of 1688 saw much discontent with the Catholic monarchy, this was brought to a head when James’s wife gave birth to an heir, William of Orange was invited to intervene. When William landed in England James was compelled...

The Legend of the Appin Dirk

In the years after the Jacobite uprising of 1745, the terrible reputation of the government troops or ‘Redcoats’ as they sought to finally put down once and for all the brave highland clans was spread throughout the North of Scotland....