Fleming Clan History

Meaning ‘native of Flanders’. Several people of this name are found in the 12th century. A family of this name posessed large territories in the Upper Ward of Lanarkshire, where their residence was Boghall Castle near Biggar. Boghall Castle, now ruinous, was built by Clan Fleming on lands gifted to them in the 14th century.

Theobald the Fleming had a grant of land on the Douglas Water from the abbott of Kelso between 1147 and 1160.

Baldwin the Fleming was sheriff of Lanark around 1150 and Jordan Fleming was taken prisoner at Alnwick along with William the Lion in 1174.

Around 1177 Symone Flamench witnessed a charter by Eschina, wife of Walter the Steward.

Ricardus Flammanc witnessed a charter by Robert Bruce around 1190.

William Flandrensis witnessed a gift of the church of Guthrie to the Abbey of Arbroath by William the Lion.
William le Fleming, a knight of Lanarkshire rendered homage in 1296.

James Fleeman (1713-1778) held the position of ‘fool’ for the family of Udny of that Ilk, the last family in Scotland to have maintained one.