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This tartan was designed by Mr E.E. Morton-Nance of Horner Park Rd, Padstow (a Cornish bard) in answer to criticism of the plain black kilts first introduced by Cornish patriots.  Each colour in the National Tartan has a special meaning: White on Black for St. Piran's Banner (The Patron Saint of Tinners), Black and Gold were the colours of the ancient Cornish kings; red is for the beak and legs of the Chough, the Cornish National bird and blue is for the sea surrounding Cornwall. The ancient kingdom of Cornwall is remembered in this tartan, designed by the Cornish poet, E.E. Morton-Nance. 1984 . He regarded tartan as the "heritage of all Celts" and extoll brave Cornishmen to wear the kilt of black and saffron, "Tints blazoned by her ancient Kings". The copy rights have been transferred to Peter R. Morton-Nance. There is also a Cornish Hunting tartan of more recent origin based on this sett. Scottish Tartans Society archive.
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