Clan Allardice

Crest: A demi-savage holding in the dexter hand a scymitar, all Proper
Motto: In The Defence Of The Distressed
Region: Lowlands
Historic Seat: Allardyce Castle, Kincardinshire
Clan Chief: Richard Christopher Barclay Allardice of Allardice

Allardice Associated Names

The following names are considered septs or associated names of Clan Allardice: ALARDYCE, ALDERDICE, ALDERDYCE, ALERDYCE, ALLARDICE, ALLARDYCE, ALLERDICE, ARDES, ARDIS, and ARDYCE

Allardice is also a sept of Clan Graham – they have a long historic relationship with Clan Allardice and will always offer those with the name Allardice welcome and protection by the Grahams as part of their family.


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