Clan Abercrombie

Gaelic Name: Obar Chrombach

Crest: A falcon rising belled, Proper

Motto: Petit Alta (He seeks high deeds)

Origin of Tartan: First recorded by James Logan in “The Scottish Gael”, 1831

Associated Names

The following names are variant spellings of the name Abercrombie:

Abarcrombie, Abarcrombie, Abbarcrombie, Abbercrombie, Abbercromby, Abbercromie, Abbercrommie, Abbercrumbie, Abbercrumby, Abbercrummy, Abbircombie, Abbircrombie, Abbircromby, Abbircromy, Abbircrumby, Abbircrumme, Abbircrummy, Abbircrumy, Abbircummy, Abbyrcrumby, Abercrombie, Abercromby, Abercrumbie, Abercrumby, Abercrummy, Abercrumy, Abhercrombie, Abhircrombie, Abircombie, Abircrombie, Abircromby, Abircrommbie, Abircromy, Abircrumby, Abircrumbye, Abircrume, Abircrumme, Abircrummy, Abircrumy, Abyrcrumbie, Abyrcrumby, Eppyrcrumby, Epyrcrumbie, Epyrcrumby, Eparcrombie, Epercrombie, Epercromby, Epercrumbie, Epercrumby, Epercrummy, Epircombie, Epircrombie, Epircromby, Epircromy, Epircrumby, Epircrumbye, Epircrumme, Epircrummy, Eppercromby, Eppercrumby, Eppercrummy, Eppircombie, Eppircromby, Eppircromy, Eppircrumby, Eppircrumme, Eppircrummy, Ebercrombie, Ebercrumbie, Ebercrumby, Eabercromby, Eabercrumbie, Eabercrumby, Ebbercrumby, Appircombie, Appircromby, Appircromy, Appircrumby, Appircrumme, Appircrummy, Appyrcrumby, Apyrcrumbie, Apyrcrumby, Aparcrombie, Apercrombie, Apercromby, Apercrumbie, Apercrumby, Apercrummy, Apircombie, Apircrombie, Apircromby, Apircromy, Apircrumby, Apircrumbye, Apircrumme, Apircrummy, Appercromby, Appercrumby, Appercrummy


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ScotClans Abercrombie Modern Tartan Cufflinks - Choose Your Shape.
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Abercrombie Clan Ceramic Mug
Scotclans Abercrombie Clan Crest and Tartan Mug
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Abercrombie Tartan Wool Sash
Ingles Buchan Abercrombie Tartan Wool Sash
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