Innes  People and Places

Clan Innes People

Father Lewis Innes (1651-1738)
Descendant of the 11th Baron, Father Lewis went to Paris and became the Principal of the Scots College there. With the ravages of the Reformation, many of Scotland’s important documents were spirited to France to prevent the Calvinists re-writing Scottish history.

Father Lewis dedicated himself to preserving and organising the papers. With his brother’s assistance, he also produced “The Life of James II”, a book on James VII of Scotland, the deposed and exiled Catholic monarch.

Father Thomas Innes (1662-1744)
Younger brother of Lewis, Father Thomas was born in Aboyne. He travelled to Paris to work with his brother at the Scots College, where he concentrated on documents relating to Glasgow and its history.

When his work there was done he returned to Scotland and worked for the Scottish Mission as a priest. Father Thomas returned to Paris in 1701 and lived there for the rest of his life.

Cosmo Innes (1798-1874)
Advocate Cosmo Innes was a descendant of Spynie Castle’s hereditary Keepers. In 1840 he became Sheriff of Moray, and ruled with Whig views.

Like his namesakes, he was passionate about the law. Through his work in this field he became a Professor of the University of Edinburgh.