Hutton Clan History
The name is commonly found in Dunblane and the ‘de Hotons’ were an old family in Cumberland. Symon de Hoton was juror on an inquest held before the sheriff of Lanark in 1263. John Hudton was the abbot of Cupar in 1460. Thomas Huttoun was retoured heir in lands in the parish of Kellis in 1621, Patrick Huttoune was burgess of Dundee in 1649, and Christian Huittoun was retoured heir of Hendrie Huitoune, portioner of Newbiggings, her brother, in 1654.

James Hutton, considered by some as the father of modern Geology, and was also a physician, a chemist, and an experimental farmer, was born in Edinburgh in 1726, and died in 1797. In Holyrood park there is an area known as Hutton’s Section named in his honour.